FREE!  Meet the Doctor-  Get Your Questions Answered!

Did you know we offer a Free Meeting about Chiropractic Care with the Doctor to discuss your health needs!

Call to schedule YOURS today!


You ever wish you could just ask a doctor a few things before you  make an actual appointment?  We here at OHW we offer just that.  We find that occasionally people are hesitant to making an appointment because they just don’t know if its right for them, or chiropractic can really help them, or are just nervous about a new type of doctor or place.

(Free Chiropractic Care Meeting to learn how we can help you- please note: this is not a consult or examination- if you opt for care- an appointment will be)

Well here at OHW we invite you to come in and meet us!  Ask questions!  Learn what we can do for you!  And yes- FOR FREE!

If you decide (which we think you will) that we are a right fit for you- then we will schedule your first appointment with consists of a consultation, examination, and often a treatment on the first day.


We also offer our:  WWW

Wellness Wednesday Workshop

We go through a variety of topics the first Wednesday of certain months at 6pm.  Send us an email if there is topics that interest you or if you are curious on what this month’s topic will be.

Oh and did I mention this is FREE too?  and Open to the Public!


Because we love health- we love helping others- we want to tell as many people about natural health as possible!


What makes it so different?

The focus of traditional health care is on germs and blood. Chiropractic is different! Chiropractic produces results by helping your nervous system work the way it should!

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Massage @ Optimal Health & Wellness


Our purpose is to eliminate the pain, using chiropractic manipulation, massage, and alternative therapies to restore you to optimal health.

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