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You can also buy your Essential Oils Retail inside our Nutrition Store.

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ALSO HERE!- a wide variety of food products, spices, and bathing products from Simply Organic, Burt’s Bees, Avalon Organics, Green Mountain Organics, Aura Cacia, Mercola, Seventh Generation!

And remember- We can order in just about anything for you and have it in stock!  Just because we currently do not have it doesn’t mean we won’t get it for you!

We sell a wide variety of supplements, health foods, and healthy products.  If you see something you want from any of their websites- stop on in to pick it up. (Additionally- if we do not have it in stock- most likely we can order it in for you)

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Check the shelves that interest you… Supplement and Nutrition Care for:

Pregnancy, Infants, Children, Women, Men, Diabetic, Cholesterol, Pain, Inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Colds & Flu, Allergies, Stomach and Intestinal Issues, Sleep Issues, Stress and Anxiety Management, Whole Food Nutrition, Healthy foods, bars, shakes, and more!  We have something for everyone.  Including health products for skin care, bathing, cleaning, cotton, q-tips, veggie cleaner, mouthwash, etc.

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Some of the companies we sell are (but not limited to):

Nutritional Frontiers – logo

Metagenics-  logo

Innate Response-  innateresponse-mainlogo

Mercola-  mercola mercola-logo-responsive

Standard Process-  standard-process-quality-from-seed-to-supplement

Seagate-  seagate



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Biofreeze & Sombra Products  logo-biofreeze  sombra



Chiroflow Pillows-     chiroflow




What makes it so different?

The focus of traditional health care is on germs and blood. Chiropractic is different! Chiropractic produces results by helping your nervous system work the way it should!

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Massage @ Optimal Health & Wellness


Our purpose is to eliminate the pain, using chiropractic manipulation, massage, and alternative therapies to restore you to optimal health.

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