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You are joining the vast majority whom have found and chosen the natural, drugless, chiropractic approach to good health.

Chiropractic is the healthcare of the 21st century; it is an exciting new world of healing and health optimization. Chiropractic Care has proven to be a safe, natural, drugless way to Good Health for millions of people around the world. Come see how!

People see their doctor of chiropractic for many different reasons. To some, chiropractic is a system of healing musculoskeletal problems:

  • Back, Neck, Disc, Arms, Shoulders, Acid Reflux,
  • Pregnancy Discomfort  (check this link for pregnancy and chiro info:  http://youtu.be/blHYic9wR08 )
  • Joint, Nerve, Leg, Hip, Sciatic, Muscle Pain or Discomfort

Others use chiropractic as a natural system of healing from diseases or conditions including:

  • Headaches, Fatigue, High Blood Pressure
  • Skin Conditions, Arthritis, PMS, and Menstrual Cramps
  • Asthma, Sinus Trouble, Digestive Problems
  • Nervous, Stress, Emotional Disorders, Fevers
  • Bed-wetting, Colic, Ear, Eye, Nose, and Throat Problems
  • Others use chiropractic as a method of keeping their health at its optimum potential:
    • Better Sports Performance Higher Resistance to Disease
    • Clearer Thinking More Comfortable Pregnancy
    • More Energy

For whatever reason you are here WELCOME!

We realize that visiting a doctor’s office is not necessarily the most calming experience- in fact it can be quite nerve racking. With all the paperwork, different people helping you out, different rooms, and all the questions to answer- makes you not really want to go. Well here at Optimal Health & Wellness Chiropractic Center, we strive to make your first visit and all the rest to follow the least invasive and calming experience you can receive from a doctor’s office.

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What makes it so different?

The focus of traditional health care is on germs and blood. Chiropractic is different! Chiropractic produces results by helping your nervous system work the way it should!

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Massage @ Optimal Health & Wellness


Our purpose is to eliminate the pain, using chiropractic manipulation, massage, and alternative therapies to restore you to optimal health.

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