Chiropractic & Sleep

This is a common occurrence, as we try to sleep in whatever position possible to get a good night sleep, and then wake up with a major crick in the neck. Most of us spend at least 7-8 hours a night in bed, so sleeping in a correct position, as well as having a good supportive pillow is key.

According to research, the best possible way to sleep is on your back with a good supportive cervical pillow. This is because it allows your body to keep the natural curves in your spine, and therefore putting little strain on the muscles. So what if you can sleep on your back? The second best position is on your left side, followed by the right side, again with a supportive cervical pillow( a pillow too high or too low puts pressure in incorrect spots, resulting in pain) minimizing strain on the neck.

The worst position is on your stomach. This is because you usually have your head turned to one side. This would be the same as watching TV for 8 hours with your head turned to the side..Ouch!!

So if you neck is killing you, or you have a kink or crick in it, an adjustment to restore proper neck placement is a must.

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