Just Kidding!!!!

But seriously we have made a lot of changes to our already clean &
sanitary office so you do not need to hesitate about getting the care
you need

Updated for Green Phase:

  • Plexi-glass across our front desk
  • Staff is wearing masks
  • Chiropractor is wearing masks and gloves
  • We welcome patients to come in wearing gloves and masks–
  • MASKS NOW MANDATORY per Governor’s Orders except if you have a medical
    condition prohibiting you from wearing one or it is unsafe for you to wear one.
  • Thoroughly sanitizing tables, pens, chairs, doorknobs, and more!
  • *Ionic and ozone filtrations are throughout the building to help kill airborne
    viruses and promote clear air.


  • Patient Sign-In
  • Signing credit card receipts
  • Patient initials on charts
  • Patients waiting in Waiting room—instead each patient is directed
    immediately back to an individual room
  • Therapy is performed in individual rooms.
  • **Re-introducing spinolator in our community therapy room with
    curtains installed post chiropractic session when recommended.


  • Digital payments via PayPal
  • Write your own appointment reminder card (available on front counter)
  • Health Store is open however we do offer Curbside Pick-up and
    delivery for Supplements (pay online or over phone)
14 day wait for patients if they:

  • have been on an airplane within 14 days
  • Been out of the country
  • Been around anyone that has been out of the country
  • Exhibit any cold like symptoms or cough, fever, shortness of breath (even if you test negative for coronavirus)

Attention OHW 24HR FITNESS CENTER Members:

We are super excited to announce that, effective 8:00am Monday Morning January 4th, 2021 THE FITNESS CENTER @ OPTIMAL HEALTH & WELLNESS will be re-opening for business!!!

For your health we have installed throughout the facility Ionic and ozone filtrations to help kill airborne viruses and promote clear air.

We are asking everyone to follow the CDC Guidelines on cleaning your machines after use, and keeping the facility clean and sanitized.

We ask that everyone Please WASH YOUR HANDS upon arrival into our gym.

Maintain a safe distance from each other. Be courteous of others when you move around using various machines.


It is not recommended to wear a mask while exerting yourself inside the gym when you are by yourself. Kindly keep a panic button (next to each paper towel machine and to the left of the water fountain) near you AT ALL TIMES for safety reasons. Be careful not to set it off accidently as the emergency authorities will be alerted to come assist immediately.

If you decide to wear gloves- we ask you to wash the gloves upon entering.

Please bear with us as we reverse this shut down in an appropriate manner.

With our capacity, I do not think there is any reason to limit your time in the gym. I think we should be able to maintain safe distancing with 10 or less gym members at a time.

When using cardio equipment be courteous of others and keep 1-2 machines apart.

If you are feeling sick we ask that you please stay home! Don’t forget we have tons of high quality immune boosting supplements next door!

All current memberships were automatically compensated for the dates we were closed.

We can’t wait to see everyone again and get you back on track to stay healthy and meet your fitness goals! Together we’ll get through this!! #OHWstrong!

Any questions please feel free to email us at OHWfitnesscenter@gmail.com

Our Passion is Your Health!
Katie & Scott Resick
Dr. Alivia Shoop & Our OHW Crew