Just Kidding!!!!

But seriously we have made a lot of changes to our already clean & sanitary office so you do not need to hesitate about getting the care you need


  • Plexi-glass across our front desk
  • Staff has masks and gloves
  • We welcome patients to come in wearing gloves and masks 🙂
  • Regularly sanitizing our Sign-In pen (welcome to use your own pen too)
  • Waiting at least 30 minutes before re-using a room
  • Thoroughly sanitizing tables, pens, chairs, doorknobs, and more!


  • Signing credit card receipts
  • Patient initials on charts
  • Patients waiting in Waiting room—instead each patient is directed immediately back to an individual room
  • Therapy Room is no longer used– therapy is done in individual rooms.


  • Digital payments via PayPal
  • Write your own appointment reminder card (available on front counter)
  • Curbside Pick-up for Supplements (pay online)
  • FREE DELIVERY for Nutritional Frontiers Supplements
14 day wait for patients if they:

  • have been on an airplane within 14 days
  • Been out of the country
  • Been around anyone that has been out of the country
  • Exhibit any cold like symptoms or cough, fever, shortness of breath (even if you test negative for corona virus)