One-On-One Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching
Help to Reach Your Goals
Aid in your Motivation
Keep you on Track
Monitor Your Progress

Schedule for 10 weeks (7 total sessions)

First 4 weeks meet weekly

The remaining 3 sessions meet every other week.

OHW Weight Loss is a 10 week weight loss program centered on making SUSTAINABLE lifestyle changes. It goes go over balancing different foods, glycemic index, stress, exercise, plateaus, and much more. The class includes guided dietary instructions, motivational and informative meetings, food journaling, recipes, and professional guidance. Our one-on-one coaching is the same as our 10 Week Weight Loss Program- however it is not in a group session (instead one-on-one with you!)

$329 for all 7 sessions.

(additional costs if you opt to include different weight loss aids or supplements)